Seniors With Ailment Mailing List

Accurate Data On Senior Citizens Suffering From Various Ailments

Do you need to reach Seniors or Consumers suffering from various ailments? Our ailment database is the most complete list of ailment sufferers in the U.S. We give you access to senior citizens and individuals of all ages who may be suffering from various ailments or using different medications.

Our mailing, telemarketing, and email lists give you the power to contact these seniors; you can target these individuals by a specific ailment or set of ailments, whether they are Medicare or Medicaid recipients.

This list is helpful for many offers, such as any medical office, medical suppliers, etc. These consumers are always looking for ways to alleviate their pain and find treatments that work for them and their bodies. Boost your direct marketing strategies by utilizing the most accurate ailment data.

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1 Total Universe 151,484,069 Learn More
2 Base Rate $125.00/M Learn More
3 Market Type U.S. Consumer Learn More
4 List Channels Postal, Email & Telemarketing Learn More
5 Update Cycle Monthly Learn More
6 Minimum Order Quantity: 5,000, Price: $625 Learn More

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