Dual Eligible Medicare Insurance Prospects

As a premier provider in the field of Medicare marketing, we specialize in offering the most precise data regarding dual-eligible candidates. Our Dual Eligibility - Medicare & Medicaid Mailing List is meticulously assembled from a wide range of public and proprietary sources. This extensive collection includes public records, personal disclosures, digital and physical registrations, survey and questionnaire responses, direct response cards, directories, and phone books. Additionally, we incorporate data from court records and a combination of federal, state, county, and city data sources.

Our robust compilation process is further enriched with information from real estate transactions, tax assessments, responses from mail orders, catalog purchases, credit card transactions, U.S. Census data, warranty registrations, voter records, and magazine subscriptions. This results in a dynamic and comprehensive database that accurately reflects the ever-changing demographic it represents.

To maintain the high standard of our database, our dedicated team conducts monthly updates in alignment with the National Change of Address (NCOA) file. Furthermore, our list undergoes CASS certification to ensure the utmost accuracy, providing you with a reliable and valuable resource for your Medicare marketing needs.

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What is a "Dual Eligible" prospect in the world of Medicare Supplement Marketing?

Medicare duals or dual-eligibles are prospects who qualify for both types of benefits including Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

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2 Base Rate $125.00/M Learn More
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