Long-Term Care Insurance Prospects & Leads

The Best Long Term Care Insurance Leads

Are you an insurance agent trying to sell long-term care insurance products? Our quality list of prospects, most likely in the market for long-term care insurance solutions, is the only list you will need.

Get in touch with millions of consumers who are actively seeking long-term care insurance. These residents are in the market for long-term insurance and are also perfect candidates for a many different marketing offers, both for necessity and leisure.

We have helped insurance agents and providers identify targeted long-term insurance care leads for their direct mail and telemarketing campaigns for more than 35 years. Our data lists will put you in front of the most responsive prospects who are looking for long-term care insurance.

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1 Total Universe 10,026,781 Learn More
2 Base Rate $65.00/M Learn More
3 Market Type U.S. Consumer Learn More
4 List Channels Postal, Email & Telemarketing Learn More
5 Update Cycle Monthly Learn More
6 Minimum Order Quantity: 5,000, Price: $325 Learn More
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Using Medicare Mailing List was the best marketing decision I've made. Since the lists were targeted, we were able to reach exactly who was in the market for our product.

Alex Ross


I would recommend Medicare Mailing List to anyone looking for truly effective senior marketing. Everyone I spoke to was helpful and accommodating.

john more


I was in a real bind, and the team at Medicare Mailing List really helped me out by getting my list processed quickly, and worked tirelessly to make sure I was happy with the final product.

alisa milano